News Archive

7 April 2020 - Release 0.1.10 (see changelog for details), updated notebook (, and a new preprint: Fast Pixelated Detectors in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. Part II: Post Acquisition Data Processing, Visualisation, and Structural Characterisation, [arXiv (2020)](

1 March 2020 - Release 0.1.9 with many new features and improvements - see changelog for details.

18 November 2019 - New preprint: Fast Pixelated Detectors in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. Part I: Data Acquisition, Live Processing and Storage, [arXiv (2019)](

4 November 2019 - Release 0.1.8: updates for compatibility with most recent skimage and numpy.

1 September 2019 - Release 0.1.7: new Airy disc diameter (airy_d()) and 7-smooth number (smooth7()) functions, and a new module for io (fpd_io) featuring a NanoMegas Topspin app5 file converter for SPED data, topspin_app5_to_hdf5() (documentation: Converting Topspin app5 Files).

24 March 2019 - Release 0.1.6: improvements to MerlinBinary class, speed optimisations in synthetic_images(), ‘Uniform’ colourmap renamed to ‘MLP’, additional conversion functions in mag_tools, and improvements to the single image SNR function, snr_single_image().

18 February 2019 - Release 0.1.5 with improvements to or new lattice functions (lattice_from_inliers(), blob_log_detect(), lattice_resolver()), new SNR and gun noise correction tools in a new utils module, and many other improvements.

27 October 2018 - Release 0.1.4 with new CubicImageInterpolator and VirtualAnnularImages classes, several lattice finding (blob_log_detect(), friedel_filter(), synthetic_lattice(), vector_combinations(), lattice_angles(), lattice_magnitudes(), lattice_inlier(), optimise_lattice()), ctf (ctf(), scherzer_defocus(), defocus_from_ctf_crossing()) and image alignment (orb_trans(), optimise_trans(), apply_image_trans()) functions in the tem_tools module, and many other improvements. Examples are given in the notebook overview:

31 July 2018 - Release 0.1.3 with new MerlinBinary class and other improvements.

25 Mar 2018 - Notebook demos are now available at